Avengers Endgame - 10 Things to expect

It is almost time to witness the climax of 10 + Years of Marvel studios movies. Everything ends on April 26 When Avengers Endgame drops. Here are some things we can expect from the 22nd MCU installment.

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Avengers Endgame Poster, Marvel, MCU, Endgame
Avengers Endgame - Official Poster

#1 Cap and Tony Reunion

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have not crossed paths since their huge falling out in Captain America Civil War. Many thought they would bury the hatchet and team up in Infinity War but it as we all know Cap ended up staying behind on Earth to protect Vision in Wakanda while Tony hitched a free ride to outer space to battle Thanos on Titan. We are all waiting for the moment they meet again to Hug it out and join forces in Endgame. If the Avengers eventually do assemble again, they will need the leadership of Cap and Iron Man to lead the charge.

Marvel, MCU, Captain America Civil War
Cap Vs Iron Man in Civil War

#2 Thor's Redemption

The God of Thunder has had his share of unfortunate moments after losing both his parents especially as of late when his home world of Asgard was completely destroyed in Ragnarok. He also lost his best friends in the process at the hands of his evil Sister Hela who also destroys his trusted hammer Mjölnir. To add insult to injury, he then had to witness his brother Loki die at the hands of the Mad Titan in Infinity War and half of his own people on the ship that was headed to earth to create a new home for the Asgardians. Thor seems to now carry a heavy burden and lives with the guilt of knowing he could have prevented the Decimation (Snap) If he only would have aimed for the head. He will now get the opportunity to Redeem himself and all his lost friends and allies with one swing of his new Axe..Stormbreaker if he gets the opportunity to face Thanos and take him down once and for all.

Thor Ragnarok, God of Thunder
The God of Thunder - Thor Ragnarok

#3 Avengers Meet Captain Marvel

We all saw the havoc caused by the infamous snap heard across the universe. In the post-credit scene of Infinity War we got one last look at Nick Fury along with Maria Hill witnessing the chaos unfold in the city streets back home, before Nick Fury himself turns to dust, he pulls out a modified pager and just as it hits the floor, we see the screen on the pager light up with an emblem which we recognized as Captain Marvel. Most of us got to see Carol Danvers make her way into the MCU this past March and now know that she gave the pager to Nick back in the 90's and warned him to use it "incase of an emergency". Well the emergency is here and we can only hope that she makes it in time to team up with the rest of the surviving Avengers to restore order to the Universe, but first will she have to prove herself, perhaps a one on one battle with the God of Thunder himself? I guess we will find out this April.

Captain Marvel, MCU
Captain Marvel Movie Poster

#4 The Hulk and Bruce Merge

We last saw the Hulk catch a beatdown at the hands of Thanos at the very beginning of Infinity War. Since then he has been conflicted in making another appearance as Bruce Banner's alter Ego. Could it be that Bruce and the Hulk will finally come to an agreement and merge identities into one, character who utilizes the smarts of Bruce and the almost limitless strength and power of the green guy AKA...Professor Hulk.

Bruce Banner, The Hulk, Endgame
Bruce Banner in Endgame

#5 Time Travel and the Quantum Realm

There have been several theories that elude to our heroes having to find a way to travel back in time to reverse the affects of the Decimation. One possible method would be for them to suit up and travel into the Quantum Realm with the help of Scott Lang (Ant Man). Janet Van Dyne had already mentioned to Scott to be careful with Time Vortexes at the end of Ant Man and the Wasp when he went inside to collect Quantum energy. It is possible that Scott has discovered a way to access one of these time vortexes and come up with a plan to travel to the past with the rest of the surviving Avengers and somehow repair the damage caused by the Snap.

Quantum Realm suits, Time travel
Quantum Suits in Endgame

#6 Cool Team-Ups

Avengers Endgame will showcase the original six members as well as some other allies who survived the Snap. They will also bring in a new Ally in Captain Marvel when she joins the fight. We are looking forward to some cool team ups as we did in Infinity War with Tony, Spidey and Doctor Strange to name a few and we already saw a clip in the new trailer showing Rocket Raccoon getting into some action with War Machine. How cool would a Thor-Captain Marvel team up be, or even The Hulk and Antman or War Machine, Or what about M'Baku and Hawkeye...Etc. Etc.

Rocket and War Machine

#7 Surprise Characters

Now the have seen trailers and posters for Endgame, we kind of have an idea of who the key players will be in this film. But what if Marvel studios and the Russo's are planning on revealing a secret character nobody is expecting. Perhaps someone like Adam Warlock who played an important role in the Infinity Gauntlet comics and was also teased at the end of GOG2. It is also possible we can see an introduction of Nova who's home planet of Xandar was attacked and left in ruins by Thanos after he collected the Power stone from the Nova Corp. What if Thanos can Summon Hela or Dormamu to help him with his fight against the Avengers. A lot of people are hoping for the Merc with a mouth Deadpool to make an MCU appearance but it may be to soon for him...Who knows?

Adam Warlock Cocoon - GOTG2

#8 Shocking Death

Some of the most common speculation is that End Game will end with the (permanent) deaths of our favorite heroes mainly Steve Rogers and or Tony Stark. We have grown to admire these characters since the beginning of the MCU so it wouldn't be a big surprise to send one or both of them off in heroic fashion. But what if the Russo's decide to throw a curve ball at the fans once again and shock us with an unexpected character's death. Perhaps Black Widow or Hawkeye will make the ultimate sacrifice, What if the Hulk himself meets his death in Endgame, seems a bit far fetched but so was the thought of Peter Parker turning into dust.

Gamora in Infinity War

#9 Avengers Assemble

We have been teased with the Iconic line before at the end of Age of Ultron when Cap speaks to the newly formed Avengers team which included new members Scarlett Witch, Vision and War Machine. Right before Steve said the words the screen cuts to black and are left wondering when this phrase will finally be seen on screen. In the

Epic Ensemble Finale of the Avengers saga, we are expecting the team to come together one last time in the final battle and Assemble for what could be the last time. Just imagine that epic money shot which includes all of our heroes lined up ready to face off with Thanos or whatever other threat exists in Endgame.

Avengers Endgame Leaked Concept Art

#10 X-Men or Fantastic 4 Post Credit Scene

Once the dust has settled and the final credits have rolled, The Avengers saga will officially have come to and end (for now). Looking into the next Phase of the MCU we hope to get a small teaser possibly revealing the existence of mutants now that the Fox acquisition is now official. It would be very exciting to get a hint that the X Men are now part of this universe even if it's with the most subtle of hints. We can now also welcome the Fantastic Four and the cosmic hero himself, the Silver Surfer. I'm sure Galactus won't be too far behind either.

Cerebro in Xmen

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