Captain Marvel Review

Some Spoilers ahead...

Captain Marvel was.... just OK. There was nothing special about it. Some good moments but overall I was expecting something with more of an epic scope. I would’ve liked to of seen them dive more into the Kree-Skrull War. As far as Brie Larson‘s performance, I thought it was decent nothing spectacular. I liked her portrayal of the character and I hope that the Russo‘s can do a better job of showing her dynamic and abilities as a character in End Game. I like the buddy cop comedy chemistry between her and Nick fury I thought that was cool there were some funny moments there. Her relationship with her old friend From the Airforce Maria and her daughter Monica Rambeau (Who plays a future version of Cap in the comics) was heartfelt and believable. I definitely did not like the twist with the Skrulls. I thought that they could’ve done a lot more with their race and the overall War between them and the Kree. I just felt like overall the movie it didn’t really drag but I was waiting for it to build toward climactic ending and it never really did. I was expecting more in the Third act and the final space battle especially once she realized her full powers she really didn’t do much with it and I know that it’s just a set up for Endgame but I think that this movie could’ve been epic on its own. If I put this movie up with the first Guardians of the galaxy which is a phase 2 movie it just pales in comparison to me in my opinion if you look at GOG1 it has an epic feel and style that delivers a full cinematic experience and I feel like Captain Marvel was lacking that. I think that with a better script and storyline to work with Brie would have shined more but she had to work with what she was given. This movie has a team of 5 writers and 2 directors to pull this off but they still somehow missed the mark in my opinion, perhaps too many ideas and creative visions which isn’t always the best formula.

In closing I want to say was it a good movie, I didn’t hate it, it was enjoyable it was fine but there was no really shocking, spectacular moments that take you out of it and make you go wow that shit was crazy and I left there wanting more to be honest so I hope that maybe they can fix this for the next sequels and you know whatever they do with her in End game I’m sure it will be great I I have my full confidence in the Russo‘s if they will do that and I look forward to future movies but I don’t know maybe they they should find another director that’s that’s more capable of creating a cinematic vision for her character and I don’t thought they did it kind of felt like Like a movie made for TV and I don’t mean to insult her but that’s what it felt like it didn’t feel like a phase 3 Marvel movie to me so yeah and closing good movie I like brie Larson I’m not down with all that political agenda shit that’s going on on the sides but overall is in MCU fan I feel like they could’ve done better day you know the card number with the scrolls I didn’t like the way they showed Nyc your losing his eye but that’s just nitpicking the soundtrack was cool the score was good but other than that I expected more cinematically so I give the three out of five popcorn’s

3 out of 5 🍿🍿🍿