This video is a compilation of various projects I have worked on throughout the years. I wanted to put together a montage of training footage and fuse it together with an inspirational commentary from the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and accompany it with some Piano background music.

This video is made to Inspire others and to point out that not everything has to be fine and dandy all the time. We all struggle in some form or the other. It is up to us as individuals to push ourselves to be better and improve by learning everyday lessons.

Below is a transcript of that audio. Enjoy!

When you’re around happy and successful people it makes you feel better

And you get inspired and if you act on that inspiration your life will be more fulfilled

And its not just inspirational in terms of financial success, but in terms of doing difficult things. That’s where it all comes from, it all comes from life lessons and the lessons are learned through struggle. I think, youre supposed to seek lessons and your supposed to seek difficult tasks and accomplishments

And through those things and through doing things that are hard to do, through that struggle I will now have a better day

And I better F**ing do it again tomorrow, or do something else.

Those human reward systems are carved deeply into your DNA and if you don’t respect that,

If you don’t respect the mechanism of happiness and fulfillment and what you really need to do to feel satisfied in life...

comradery, love, family, friendship, struggle, testing yourself, learning, all those things are imperative, they’re all a giant part of being a person.